Thursday, April 14, 2011

Re: Antiquing Parts 1 - 4

HELLLOOOOO!!!  Well, you knew that I hadn't fallen off the face of the earth since I just saw you, but between traveling for work and the sinus infection I picked up when I was in Florida, finding time to write you back has been nearly impossible!!

Time to play catch up...Starting with your antiquing expedition.

Things I LOVE
Part 1
-The Side Table:  I, too, am a sucker for sidetables.  I even love the distressing and the chocolatey brown color you spied while on your trip.
Part 2
-The Whisk Fixture:  Genious!  I think it could be cool in a few different spots...anywhere but the kitchen bar!! 
-The Apple Green Fixtures:  I know that you had painted your heinous brass one, and I am on the same wavelength.  (Pictures to come one of these days.)
-Screen Door Accent Piece:  While I love the turquoise screen door, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the white chair in front of it!!  It has a name.  (Mom, help me out!!)
Part 3
-White Dresser:  LOVE...Which is evident from the dresser in my house.
-Other Dresser:  LOVE LOVE LOVE and want it in my house!!
Part 4
-Chair/Ottoman:  So was the fabric ugly/pretty in person??  It's like I really like, but at the same time am not sure.  But I do love the piece.  It's only of my favorites for sure!
-Bell Jars:  Awesome!!  I don't know where I would display them either, though.  I am so not a display person.  You should see what I did with my étagère in the dining room.  I set it up, like I assume most people do.  A picture frame here, some candlesticks there, a little statue there.  Ugh.  It was awful.  I woke up at 4 a.m. one day thinking how much I hated tchotchkes and that I NEEDED to fix the étagère!!  So, basically, I have no idea where I would put these beautiful bell jars!

Quite random, but I leave you today with strawberry twin. 

Have you ever seen such a thing??  That bad boy was part of a very interesting, per my stepdad AMAZING, strawberry shortcake.  Not sure if I would make it again...

'Till tomorrow!

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Peach's Mom said...

That is a bentwood chair. Love them!