Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Subject: Found It!

Melissa! So do you remember back when I told you had decided on the type of mirror I wanted for my master bathroom? But it was kind of a vintage shape, so I had no idea where I was going to find it. Remember? Remember??? Well, I found it! And seriously I am so, so excited. I get such a feeling of satisfaction when I find something that I have really been wanting (and sometimes I don't know I want it until I see it) that I don't find in a conventional store, when it is authentically aged and not mass-produced. Of course, I am not entirely opposed to mass-produced sometimes too, but I love taking something that is sort of "blah" and making it my own, which I am less likely to do with a piece I buy from Target or Pottery Barn or anywhere in between. So, without further ado: I know, not much to look at. (Excuse the view of the back of my couch!) I need to paint it, of course, but it has the same lines as the original mirror I showed you:

I was looking on Craigslist on Saturday night and found it. And what's more: the girl had two she was selling. So I bought them both! My mother-in-law has been looking for a mirror to hang above her dresser (yes, this one - the one I have yet to show you the 'after' for), so I gave her the one that was a little bit smaller.

It has really come in handy keeping the dimensions for the current mirror in my cell phone, because I never don't have my phone. The dimensions of the new mirror are very close to the new mirror. It's almost the same width, but the new one isn't as tall, which I think will be okay because I'll just center the mirror between the sink and light fixture, whereas the current, stock mirror touches the backsplash on the sink and almost touches the bottom of the light fixture.

So now i just need to paint it - probably a glossy white - and then get the wall it's going to hang on ready. Like, I'll need to patch the holes that were used to hold the brackets for the existing mirror in case. I'm hoping I won't have to paint that wall...again.

I'll keep you posted.

Cheers! Kara

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