Friday, December 17, 2010

Subject: Master Bathroom UPDATE!

Hi friend and happy Friday!

The weather here has been terrible, which has made me lazy allllll day. Anyway, I know it was so (SO) long ago that I first talked to about painting the Master is the 'after' to my before.

I ended up going with Sherwin-Williams' Bagel. Originally we did not like this color...but now I love it! How funny! I first called it "fleshy" and you agreed and said it was too much like what I already had. We were waaaay off. Jon helped me decide. If you remember, I liked E and F, but E was too light and F wasn't much of a change. Jon pointed out that G was right in the middle of E and F. (To refresh your memory, E was Acorn Yellow and F was Yellow Squash, both by Benjamin Moore.)

As I was painting, I started to get nervous: the color was looking really orange-y. But the more coats I painted on, the better it looked and the richer the color got. I ended up doing three coats rolled and two coats cutting in. The room isn't very big so I have SO MUCH paint left over. (Question: Why don't they sell paint in the half-gallon??? That would have been perfect for me. A quart may not have been enough but a gallon was way too much!) Since I had so much paint, though, and I wasn't worried about running out, I put each coat on really thick, which I think helped with the final look.

And here is the light fixture's after:

I really like the white against the new wall color. We removed the fixture from the wall and I used several coats of high-gloss white spray paint. I don't love the frosted glass shade, but I haven't been able to find a clear glass shade that would fit. I'll keep looking though. Probably the fixture and shades were sold together in a kit, so the shades were specially made to fit the fixture. Kind of annoying!

You will notice we haven't yet framed the mirror. I've noticed that projects that involve my husband tend to stall a little bit, so I guess eventually we'll get there. The weekend after Thanksgiving I bought a yard of white denim to make a Roman shade when my mom is able to come over and help me. That will be the next picture I post of this bathroom!

I'm so glad it's done and every time I go in I admire my work! It's amazing what you can accomplish over the course of two solid naptimes! Like I said, it wasn't a big room so I was really able to take my time and I'm so pleased with the end result.

Don't you think a successful project gives you the fuel and drive to complete more?

Hope you have a great (dry) weekend!

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