Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Re: Re: Subject: Master Bath

Mel -

To begin: I love the benefit of your insight. After reading your response to my bathroom post and thinking it over, I cannot even remember why I ever wanted to paint the light fixture and mirror frame black! Seriously, that makes no sense. So thank you - I think I would have regretted it. Instead, I think I am going to do the light a glossy white and the frame the same. I like the idea of painting the light a fun color from the shower curtain, but I think that might be limiting if I were ever to get a different shower curtain - I would have to take the color of the light into account. I think everything in white will look good against the new paint color (more on that in a minute) - I love how white accents/trim pops against wall color and I agree - my house is too cottage-y for a black fixture and frame!

I went to the Benjamin Moore store yesterday because I knew they would have the Pottery Barn paint chips and uggggghhhh...paint samples are sooo overwhelming! Here is what I wish: I have an overall idea of what I want the bathroom to look like - the finished product is in my brain - and I wish there was some way to print off my mental picture and take it to a paint counter and say, "Here - mix me up some of this." Because once I start looking at all the options and possibilities, the original idea in my head completely vanishes and I feel totally lost. So, I brought home every beige-ish brown color. I did the same thing when I went to the Sherwin-Williams store today. Below are the finalists.

Okay, so...where to begin? I have decided that I want a true brown - nothing with yellow/golden undertones. In my mind I'm thinking a light chocolate milk-y color...like with more milk than chocolate - if that makes sense? This bathroom gets a ton of light, so I think darker is okay. Plus, all the fixtures will be white, plus the Roman shade will eventually be white. The countertop (which you can see in the picture above) is just a neutral, which is nice, but I want to make sure the paint color isn't too close in color, because that would look weird. The counter, though, has more of a pink undertone, so I don't think I'll have that problem with the finalists I've selected. Here are my thoughts:

A & B: These are one in the same to me. Probably a little dark. (A is Mesa Tan and B is Tamarind, both by Sherwin-Williams)

C: I really like this one, but I wonder if it's too dark? And will it read orange on the wall? Sorry it's such a small sample. (Morille by Benjamin Moore)

D: I like this one, but is it enough of a change? It's definitely darker than what I have. The middle color of this strip is what my downstairs is painted and I really like it. (Shelburne Buff by Benjamin Moore; my downstairs is called Dunmore Cream, BTW)

E &F: Both are top contenders in my book. They are definitely the 'true brown' that I am going for. F is a little light, though, don't you think? Would it be much of a change? (E is Acorn Yellow and F is Yellow Squash, both by Benjamin Moore)

G & H: I thought these were contenders, but now they seem a little flesh-y and the darkest color seems to have a lot of yellow in it, so I wonder how the lighter colors will look on the wall...would they also "read" yellow? (G is Bagel and H is Totally Tan, both by Sherwin-Williams)

I & J: These I really like. They are similar to D, E and F and the darkest color is dark brown, so I think either of these would definitely look brown on the wall. (I is Familiar Beige and J is Sensational Sand)

Please tell me you have some brilliant thoughts and insight! I think if I had to choose today, I think I would pick D, E or F. What about you?


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