Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Re: Re: Re: Subject: Master Bath

GOOOOOOOD MORNING!!  Can I tell you how happy I am it's Wednesday?  Since, Hubby is off tomorrow because of his fabulous state job, I'm going to take off, too.  Which means work today and Friday and then the big move!!!

Okay, on to the bathroom....I completely agree about the love for white accents/trim and how they pop against wall color, and I am very happy you've decided to paint the frame and light fixture a glossy white.  I don't think you will at all regret it.

Look at the white pop - via ArhZine
So, paint colors.  I know the headache!  I will have to share mine with you soon.  It comes in shades of blue for the dining room.  Thanks for the pictures and for lettering them.  VERY HELPFUL!  I think it's funny that you narrowed it down to D, E and F only because on the screen they look NOTHING alike.  Which I guess is not a bad thing, but my narrowing always seems to end up that things are so darn close and you can't actually tell the difference.   I know that sometimes the color does not translate well from in-person to picture, but these are my thoughts.

A. - Looks like it may be a little dark.
B. - This ranks as one of my favorites.  I know you mentioned it might be a little dark though.
C. - Looks like the color of someone's skin who uses too much self-tanner.  (I couldn't resist)
D. - This is also on my favorites list.
E. - Another potential self-tanner color?!
F. - It looks a little pink.  I don't know if manly Jon would approve.  :)
G & H.. - Agree with the flesh comment and G isn't too much of a change from what you have already have, is it?
I. - I think it also has some great potential.  
J. - This one is reading coral-y pink to me.

I guess my favorites are B., D., I., which makes D. our one in common as first-round favorites.  I can't wait to see what you choose!  When will the paint go on the wall???

via Interior Design Color

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