Thursday, November 11, 2010

Subject: Tarjay


I know you are hard at work on the master bathroom re-do, and while we didn't discuss the need for new accessories, I couldn't resist sharing some of the fabulous finds I've recently spotted (and purchased) at Tarjay aka Target.

Coincidentally, a fabulous Georgia blogger posted pictures of her friend's home last week, which included some of the fab Target finds.  

via K.F.D. Designs blog
The soap pump...AMAZING and only $12.99.  Which isn't a true steal, but I do love it.  I originally bought in white for my "Anthropologie Ruffled Bathroom," but since I want to paint the walls a milky white color, I picked up a greenish-blue color instead.  And because I'm slightly obsessed with the soap pump, I've decided I think I'm going to keep the white one, buy one more and use it in my master bathroom once we redo it.  Is it weird I will have 3 of the same soap pump?!?  I mean, not that many people will be using the master bath, so I figured it was fine.  Then I'm think silver garbage can.  

Then, check out the hand towel in the picture.

Some of the reviews said the ruffles are pink, but mine are clearly white.  So, I just bought one hand towel for the Anthro Bathroom.  Is it ruffle overkill??  I mean, I love me some ruffles.  Before Hubby and I tied the knot, I would always make him guess what my wedding dress looked like.  He said it definitely has ruffles....and it did.  One big ruffle.  

Okay, here are a few more great Tarjay bathroom accessories, although I did not purchase any of these.  They aren't by any means the cheapest bathroom accessories in the world, but if you want to spend $50 on a bathroom makeover, I think Target is definitely a good place to start.

Can't wait to see your redone bathroom.

Target - $12.99  (I kind of loved this one, too.  It looks like something they would sell in Anthro for $30.)

Target - $24.99

Target - $24.99

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