Thursday, November 4, 2010

Subject: Master Bath


So, I have been displeased with my master bath for awhile, but I have finally come up with a plan to fix it that will be a) fast and b) cheap. My goal is to do it for less than $100. From the picture below you can see the vanity (only one sink, I know - boo!) with the mirror and light fixture.

The two biggest fixes are going to be on these two objects. I want the mirror to look more custom, so I am going to glue trim pieces to it to make it look like it is framed. My question: should I have the mirror cut smaller? The tape represents the approximate size of the mirror if I were to cut it. I can take it to the local glass place here and they can cut it for no more than $40. (I originally called them to get an estimate on how much it would be if they cut it into an oval, and that is the quote they gave me, but it might be less since it would only require one cut.) You'll notice the light fixture is centered over the sink, instead of the whole vanity, so if I were to cut the mirror I would then center it under the light when I re-hung it. Cutting the mirror would create some blank wall space, so I think I would hang two small places or pictures there. The biggest pro to not cutting the mirror is that this project could then be done even faster. But I think the pros to cutting it are 1) a more custom look and b) the mirror would be centered under the light fixture.

Then here is the light fixture:

Ugh! I cannot stand it. Please ignore the thick layer of dust and instead focus on how it's not quite metal and looks like it's painted with matte gray paint. But instead of buying a brand new fixture, my father-in-law suggested I take it down and paint it a glossy black, which I think could be a h-uge improvement. He also suggested I use the same glossy paint to paint the trim around the mirror. Thoughts? I would keep the same shades (but maybe clean them) and switch out the faux-candle bulbs for some round ones.

Next, we need to talk about paint. Here is my shower curtain:

It's nothing fancy. It's Shabby Chic from Target that we've had since before we got married. It's simple and pretty neutral (it's striped sage green, pale blue and white, in case it's not clear from the picture). For now I'm going to keep it, but if I find something fabulous then I wouldn't mind replacing it, but I don't feel it's a priority for this project.

My idea of paint color came from the September 2010 issue of Better Homes and Gardens. Because I don't have my scanner hooked up and this was faster, here is a quick picture of my inspiration:

I like the idea of doing a cross between the darker beige on the right and the color on the upper left. Pottery Barn also has some great moody beiges, which you can view here. The bathroom is already cream, but I would like to do something darker that will really pop against the white trim (there's crown moulding that you can't see) but would also look really sophisticated next to my (new) black mirror and light fixture.

I would love to know your thoughts. I would like to do this project next week if possible!

Hoping for lots of inspiration,

P.S. The mini blinds are awful. I know. The plan is for my mom to come over for a few days in December and I will put her to work doing lots of sewing projects that are above my skill level, including a Roman shade for that window. So those mini blinds' days are numbered!

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