Friday, November 5, 2010

Re: Subject: Calling All Maddicts!

Hey Kara - 

What an awesome idea for a party!!  Is it your friend's birthday or did she just want to do something fun for a group of friends??

So, I remembered (I think last year) Oprah did a show on Mad Men.  I found this which may be helpful.  It includes some drink and food ideas that were shared on her show.  I think you are on the right track with many of the ideas.  Little Sally Draper pouring drinks seems like it qualifies under something you do not want child protective services to hear about, but then again maybe the kid will end up with some good tips!

I think for the drinks I like the idea of doing the pitchers with the drinks named after the characters.  I can see them with little signs next to each pitchers, maybe in mini frames??  For the game, maybe you could set it up like a game show from the 1960's.  Have you ever watched The Match Game??  There are two players and then I think six panelists.  The host asks a phrase, usually funny, like, "Don Draper is always lucky when it comes to the ladies.  It must be his really big ____________."  The the panel would write something on a card and the contestant who's question it is would write something on their card.  Your goal is to get the most matches possible.   So, there isn't really a right or wrong answer, it would just be good for those who really knew the characters because they have a better chance of matching.  Plus, it would be hysterical to see how people answer that one!!  Playing old episodes of the show in the background is key, and music from that decade is also important.  

It seems like you hit on everything.  Not sure if she is planning on doing invitations, but I think finding vintage ads and somehow incorporating them in the invite would be cool.  Otherwise, they could also work for party decor and framing them would be fun.  They could go on the drink and food tables.  I bet some of the thrift stores in town have old copies of magazines and she could pull them from there or find them online.

I can't wait to see how everything turns out!!  You definitely have to share pictures.  Oh, remember Hubby and I based our engagement pictures on Mad Men.  Everything I wore was from my closet, except the hat.  Don't you have that cowl neck JCrew dress??  I think that will totally work.  And if you want to borrow my hat, let me know.  I actually found it at Target! 

Have a great weekend!

Photography:  W. Scott Chester

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