Friday, November 19, 2010

Re: Subject: The Nursery

Kara - Are you not like SOOOO proud of yourself?!?  The nursery looks amazing and the time and hard work you put into it is evident!  While, I am of course impressed by every little detail, here are the few things that stuck out to me:

1.  BRAVO on painting the Jenny Lind crib and changing table.  You said you might have cried a few times...I am crying just thinking about how much time went into that!  It was worth it though because the black has a really dramatic effect with everything else in the room.

2.  The bedding...WOWZER Mrs. F!  I cannot believe that everything was made by hand?  Is your momma for hire?  :)  And the fabric is gorg!  I am especially smitten with the floral bed/crib skirt.  Does it have a special name when it's on a crib??  :)

3.  The teapot silhouette teapots are awesome!  I cannot believe you made those.  I was thinking it might be kind of cute to have silhouettes of my dogs in the house.  But maybe the only reason that popped into my mind is because I just read an article on Gwyneth Paltrow's Holiday Gift Guide and it included these silhouette necklaces.

4.  Loving the idea of the suitcase for the keepsakes!  Now that we are moved in and I've pretty much unpacked every box, I realize I have all these keepsakes and trinkets and nowhere to really store them.  I think Suz will definitely appreciate having all her little baby memories in one very cute "storage" case.

5.  Your childhood memories.  I think it's so sweet that you have things from your childhood throughout the room.  I have this teddy bear that one of my dearest friends, and soon-to-be first house guest, gave me for my 3rd or 4th birthday.  I've decided that the bear's new home is in what Hubby refers to as the 4th bedroom and what I refer to as the "Baby's Room."  You know, the one I am not expecting.  :)

Teddy Bear in the "Baby's Room"/4th Bedroom

Close-up of Teddy - (This was done at his request, being the first time on a blog and all!)

Well, congrats again on a job well done.  I wonder what our readers think of the nursery and what their favorite part is??  We know they are out there!!   


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Peach's Mom said...

Funny that you are calling out for your readers, as I actually wrote a comment to Kara last night and then got distracted and never sent it.

Wow, the nursery is amazing and Suz is one very lucky girl. My favorite part is all the sentimental things you have in there, especially the mobile from Switzerland. The fact that you saved it for such a long time is quite touching.

Love reading your blog!