Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Subject: Antiquing Part 3

Okay, so now on to Day 3 of photos from my antique excursion last week (you can see my previous two entries from this series here and here). I know last time I showed you some home accessories, but today I'm going to show you some great pieces of furniture I saw. First up, I loved this little desk. The color is perfect and the distressing just right. I love the stain on the wooden top and all the little cubby holes as well.
This dresser would be amazing in a girl's room:
I am a sucker for white furniture and I love the vintage-looking pulls. It just looks so crisp and timeless at the same time. I'm kind of obsessed. Here is another dresser that I lo-o-o-ved:
It would obviously be great to paint, but I kind of love the gray-ish color of it too. You seriously cannot buy anything like this new today, with so many great details. I mean, first you have two mirrors on it. And then do you see that wide drawer at the very bottom? And the tiny drawers underneath the smaller mirror? What do you think the original owner used those little drawers for? Maybe her monogrammed vintage handkerchiefs? For a more modern use, it would be great for craft storage. The wide bottom drawer would be perfect for rolls of wrapping paper and the smaller drawers I just mentioned could hold luggage tags and labels. You could store fabric scraps in the little cabinet behind the small mirror and lots of ribbon and paper in all the other drawers. I love the idea of this piece on a really big staircase landing or in a wide hallway. So this is a little kitsch-y, but seeing this got the wheels in my brain turning:

If I were ever to have a mountain house one day, wouldn't this be so cool in the family room? I mean, I can't see myself putting this in my house now, but if I had a mountain house I would probably be renting it out, so I think something sort of rustic would be perfect. (I'm talking about the canoe bookshelf thing, by the way.) So, I'm not sure of the probability of actually having a mountain house one day, but thinking about the prospect is fun and it doesn't hurt anything to plan ahead, right?

Okay, the photo tour continues tomorrow!


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