Thursday, April 7, 2011

Subject: Antiquing Part 4

So today is the last day of the antique showcase...promise! And today it's more furniture. Trust me, I've saved the best for last. To start things off, I kind of fell in love with this chair: I kind of even like the fabric, in the right room. It had a faded quality to it that made the orange and turquoise and red seem less loud and overwhelming. Plus I think it's an interesting choice to have the chair, ottoman and throw pillow all the same color. This would be a great corner chair in a bedroom, where the walls and bedding are all neutral, and this piece is the "wow" factor. Otherwise it might seem too busy. The chair and ottoman are obviously two separate pieces, but look how the ottoman is slanted just-so so you could treat the two pieces as one big lounge chair. A cream crocheted blanket thrown over one arm would soften the busy pattern some too. Here is another ottoman, this time with a couch:
These are both new pieces - not antiques. This shop just started carrying new furniture with fabrics you can customize. I didn't look at it much, but the samples they had seemed nice and well-made. Even though both these pieces were new, they still had some great details on them that I really loved. First, the casters on the couch:

The proportion between the leg and the caster seems a little off, but at the same time really works too. And I really enjoyed the legs on the ottoman: The actual detail seems modern, but having the detail at all makes the piece feel older and more approachable. To me, modern pieces are intimidating, but I could see something like this in my house. I guess it would depend on the fabric you chose too. Moving on... This couch is obviously not new. I really liked the lines of it and it was really long, which is kind of nice: I kind of liked the green velvet with the dark would, but I'm sure painting the wood would also look really crisp with a great damask. I am a sucker for damask! And I meant to show you this a few days ago, but I love these bell jars:

I'm not sure what I would display under the ones in my house, but I love them. I especially love it when they're different heights.

Phew. I feel like I've just been shopping, showing you all these pictures!

Hope you enjoyed.


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