Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Subject: Antiquing Part 2

Hiiii-eeee! So I'm back with more pictures from my latest trip to my favorite antique shop in Thomasville, Georgia. This place had some really interesting light fixtures. Really, too many to take pictures of (I didn't want to be completely obnoxious with the picture taking since half our group was under the age of 2 and not all that patient!). Here is one I wanted to share:
At first I didn't really understand, but then I read the tag and it said, "Whisk Light Fixture." Aha! So it's supposed to look like a whisk. Kind of weird, but at the same time kind of cool too. They could be really cute if you put them in the right place. It might be cool to have three of them hanging in a corner at different heights over a round table where kids color or do their homework. Or even a series of three of them along a wall over a stretch of countertop. Or what about a hanging light in a pantry? I think it's kind of cheek-y and fun, but you'd have to be careful so as it doesn't look cheese-y! I think there is an industrial element to them, which isn't necessarily my style, but the fact that they are baking-related makes me warm up to them some. Then something about these was really appealing:
Basically it looks like they took some old bright brass chandeliers and painted them apple green (have we talked about how easy and cheap it is to paint those things???). I never would have thought of it, but putting the three of them together in the right place is a really interesting idea. It reminded me of this picture I saved from an issue of Better Homes & Gardens:
As you can see from my sticky note, I liked the chandeliers over the island. I think it looks really classy and is a unique alternative to the standard pendant lights you see everywhere. These letters were all over the store, spelling out various words:
I really like the texture of them and the font they're in. I was partial to these since I have the same word spelled out in the eating section of my kitchen. I saw two similar versions of this mirror:
It looks like it was made using a head- or footboard from a brass bed. Such a creative idea!

Something about this turquoise screen door frame was really nice to me:
I like it layered with all the other things around it, but I wonder how functional it would be? It seems like it would just be one more thing to dust if it didn't have some kind of purpose. But maybe you could put some metal behind it and it could serve as a message center with some cool magnets. Or it could even work as a full-length mirror. I especially loved the trim details in the top corners.

This reminded me of an old clock:
Seeing this reminded me of this picture I saw ages ago. What a creative way to re-create a story for your children and to use such a beautiful, old piece! I love these vintage-looking food containers:

Something about this seems European...not sure why.

Okay, more to come tomorrow!



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