Monday, July 25, 2011

Re: Bathroom Inspiration

Melissa -

It looks like you had so much fun with your friends! And your clam bake looked delicious! I love the idea of a big bunch of friends gathered around a table loaded with food (this should be on 'garden proud' too!!). You can just sit for awhile and eat and talk and drink. It sounds divine...and yes, last week I was MIA :) It was my birthday week! I did not get anything off my wish list, but still - it was great. And next year is a BIG one (it rhymes with 'flirty'), so we'll have to plan something amazing.

So, I love talking about bathrooms, so I was so glad when you asked for additional bathroom inspiration (so then I don't have to do the embarssing thing and give you unsolicited suggestions!). I looked through my inspiration notebook and noticed something - not many bathrooms are featured in my fav magazines. Mostly it's living rooms, kitches and bedrooms. Do none of these people have to pee?? Anyway, have no fear - I turned to my Decorating Idol to send some inspiration your way.

First and foremost - I loved everything you sent me. I love all the white cabinets and trim work - it just looks so crisp, which I think is perfect for a bathroom. I think lots of wainscoting is ideal in a bathroom as well. Keeping all the fixed elements (tile, cabinets, etc.) neutral will allow you more flexibility with changing out the looks when you get bored just by switching up paint color, rugs (loved your suggestions!) and towels - but you already knew all that!

So, without further ado, here are some pictures from my #1 lady - Sarah Richardson of Sarah's House:

Okay, so in these two pictures I love how she used non-bathroom furniture and converted them into vanities. The wood might be a little too rustic for the look you are going for, but you get what I am saying. I think they even make vanities now that look like pieces of furniture, just to save you the trouble of retro-fitting some antique to accomodate pipes and a sink.

I also love when she incorporates fabric into bathrooms by way of curtain panels:

It's so unexpected and looks so fun and vibrant, I think. And finally:

In this picture and the one above you can see how amazing she is with creating showers. She uses expensive/interesting tile on just one wall to save on money AND to make a bigger impact, which I think is genius. I love how she used tiles of different tones to make the stripes, which is such an interesting idea. She is a pro at mixing expensive and cheap(er) materials to create a custom look that is actually affordable.

For lighting I think you should stay away from the traditional bathroom lighting and instead go with a statement piece in the middle of the room - like a gorgeous chandelier to reflect all the white. Or this could even be an interesting place to use the Edison Chandelier, which I know you are a fan of:

And then over the vanity, maybe do a pendant over each mirror (I love your idea of doing two mirrors). Pottery Barn has some great inspiration, but this is my favorite:

I feel like this summer I too have been taking a break from home projects. Maybe it's our version of 'summer vacation'? What will talk about in the mean time? All our inspiration of course - duh!

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