Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Subject: Beach Trip!

Melissa -

Today we leave for a 10-day excursion up the Eastern Seaboard. We are going to visit some of Hubby's family up in Maryland, go to his cousin's wedding and then head on over to an aunt's house on Rehoboth Beach in Delaware. As an ode to my week at the beach - and summer in general - here is a sampling of coastal decorating, all courtesy of Southern Living:

I like it when beach houses don't scream "This is a beach house!!!" with seashells glued onto the frames of mirrors, port holes on the wall (who wants their house to look like a seafood restaurant?) and the color palette nothing but boring pastels. It feel so 1990s, you know?

Instead I love punches of red and blue, washed out fabrics like seersucker and chambray, and white slip-covered furniture. Faded wood is also a nice touch. I think my "beach-y" inspiration tends more toward "coastal" instead, which is a subtle difference, but oh-so-important.

And this post wouldn't be complete without a nod toward Sarah Richardson's personal cottage that she renovated and decorated to perfectly illustrate what I am trying to describe:

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