Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Subject: Oh-My-I-Haven't-Written-In-Awhile Bad Friend Email/Post

Have you missed me??  I think after the girls left I went to sleep for about a week and just finally woke up.  Things to discuss in no particular order:

1.  Your Hand + Stitches:  OUCH!  So sorry Kara!!  Now I think I will ban myself from using razors...ever!!

2.  Your Living Room Rug:  AWESOME!  And yes, I definitely see the ticking stripe curtains in the living room now.  :)

3.  Your "TV" stand:  Okay, I've been rattling my brain trying to remember where I saw someone turn a drawer into a hinged drawer.  It was definitely on the Nate Berkus Show.  He transformed this room for three kids in NY who share a bedroom.  (Total bummer!)  I found the episode here, but it doesn't show the solution.  I was however slightly distracted when I went on the site because I on a whim sent a picture in of my backyard....

...and low and behold it's on the website - Under Garden Proud - first page, too!!

Sorry for the distraction...back to you.  I found a tutorial on Home Depot about converting a desk drawer into a hinged drawer here.  I definitely think this is the way to go to make the piece clean and not have to worry about storing the DVR/DVD and whatever else you might have.  As you know, I don't like a lot out, which is why I have the tv stand I have...

A Very Not Good Picture of My TV Stand
4.  Artwork:  LOVE the frames!!  Bamboo...yes please!!  But also LOVING the art.  Was it nice in person.  We could make a deal here.  The art reminds me of botanical prints that Janell from Isabella + Max has in her house.  Back to the frames, you might want to try searching for frames on Etsy.  They have some good Bamboo choices.  

Vintage Bamboo Frame
Also, on the bamboo wavelength, (kind of, but not really,) my bestie found these frames on Etsy.  
Hollywood Regency Frames

Alright, that's all for now.  Have a wonderful day!!

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