Friday, July 1, 2011

Subject: Friday Catch Up

Melissa -

Hi and happy pre-birthday, America! I'm so sorry I have been MIA for most of this week, following my post on Monday about my sewing project. Mr. Lass was home for most of the week sick - and I never get anything done when he is home - and then yesterday, one of my favorite things turned tragic: I was peeling a label from a jar (I L-O-V-E keeping jars to use for storage or as a vase or votive holder), the razor thing I was using slipped and, well, three stitches later here is my hand:

It looks a lot worse than it actually is. The nurse admitted she is not good at dressing wounds and somehow managed to make it look like I had a fractured wrist. Of course, it did score me lots of pity points with Mr. Lass, so that has been good. Plus while I was at the doctor's office I got to read the latest issue of Vanity Fair, and I never get to read during the day, so I just pretended like I was at a spa instead of a walk-in clinic :)

The only downside: we are going to the beach all next week and my hand is not supposed to be submerged. Not that I enjoy the ocean that much (all that salt in your eyes!), but swimming in the pool with Suz is always fun. Of course, the nurse assured me I could still swim but said that my injured hand would be "the hand you hold your drink with." Or sippy cup.

Okay, now that the excuses are over: I love your yellow door! I've never painted any doors in my house, but I love the idea of a long hallway of bedrooms with the walls being a neutral color and the doors painted a fun color - maybe pale gray walls and apple green doors. And then when you get tired of one color, you can just paint the doors. Perk: painting doors is waaaay easier than painting walls. And yes, I love Mary's office but couldn't find pictures of her red doors either.

I am enjoying Million Dollar Decorators, but am holding my breath waiting for them to criticize something I love or actually own. (Of course, I don't think they are shopping at any of the places I shop, so I can't see them ever coming into contact with something I own!) On this new-to-me blog, the bloggess created a drinking game around the show. I totally agree with her summation of Nathan and Mary - at first they were annoying and now they're the best part about the show.

Okay, my finger is starting to throb so I am going to cut this short. Thank you so much for sending me the picture of the patriotic cake! People are so genius sometimes. Next week I am going to tap your problem-solving skills to find a solution for where to go next in my living room.

Hugs & fireworks,


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