Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Subject: They Call Me Mellow Yellow

So, my mom and I took on a fun weekend project with inspiration from your favorite and mine - LGN. Here's my version:

Yup...I painted my door yellow.  It was originally white on the side you can see, and a sad gray on the other side.  It actually is the door that leads into the garage, and since we park in the garage we use this door quite frequently.  Seeing the yellow when you get home makes you want to smile and puts you in a good mood.  I know that sounds absolutely cheesy, but it's true.

Ever consider painting a door in your house a fun color?

I know you mentioned liking Mary's red doors from Million Dollar Decorators.  Can't seem to find a picture of the doors, but how beautiful is the office?!?

Until tomorrow my friend.

PS - The yellow I used was Behr's Pale Daffodil and it totally reminds me of this scene from one of my favorite movies of all time.

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