Friday, July 15, 2011

Subject: Birthday Wish List


No worries on being MIA...I'm just grateful that we're never MIA in the same week :) Which I think makes us a great pair - we don't even have to coordinate when one of us goes just kind of happens and the other person blogs away until the other one of us reappears again!

So, my birthday is Monday so I've decided to post some of my favorite lovelies these days. I honestly haven't thought much about what I want for my birthday or what I even want to do for my birthday, but here are a few things that I have been admiring for awhile.

This bag would be perfect for carrying all the odds and ends moms seem to end up with! I'm kind of over the traditional diaper bag and have decided I want a bag that I like (err, love) and will stand the test of wear & tear, trendiness, etc., and will just last me into eternity. Plus, on a practical level, it just seems really roomy and has a really big opening for shoving towels, stuffed animals, diapers and sippy cups into.

I have loved this wallet for a long time. It holds a ton of stuff and is just a really simple design. This is one of the fancier ones color-wise, but I do think it's beautiful. Maybe there' s a trend here, but I love things that are timeless and that I will love as much today as I will years from now, that aren't overly-trendy but are just really classic in their design. Plus I am craving things that are super-functional and this totally fits the bill.

And I am always in the market for some personalized stationary, especially when it is designed by Whitney English. This is a really simple design, but something about it is really appealing and beautiful to me.

I have been told before that I am hard to buy for, which makes no sense to me! Does anyone want to be told they are hard to buy for? I am always grateful for anything someone buys me and, in my mind, being 'hard to buy for' implies that someone is overly picky or critical. Granted, I do have strong opinions about what I do and do not like, but I don't think that makes me picky...just discriminating in my tastes, right? Basically I always love something that is a thoughtful gift, but I love receiving books as gifts, especially coffee table books that have beautiful pictures in them. I also love receiving hostess-y type things: a large salad bowl, an adorable cream & sugar set, a big pitcher. I really love anything that is functional and bonus points are added if there is some kind of history to it - like if you found it at some cool flea market or in your great aunt's attic.

All that isn't too much to ask for, right???

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