Friday, June 24, 2011

Subject: Friday Round Up

Hey Kara,

A few things I realized I never touched base with you about.

1.  This table is NOT being ordered.  

Light Napa Dining Table
World Market does not have wood samples and if I hate it, since it's an "online only item," I have to pay to ship it back.  I even called the 1-800 number to see if the operator could compare the wood to another table they make, but no.  He was a dope and basically had his thumb up his ass.  What would the CEO of World Market think if he knew an employee working in customer service did anything but provide a service?  I hope that CEO goes on Undercover Boss, works with Mr. No Customer Service and gives him a good talking to.

So, now I am thinking I am definitely going to get this table from Restoration Hardware.  

Flatiron Dining Table
 However, I plan on waiting until November because that's when they have Friends & Family.  Seems totally worth holding out for 20% off, right??

2.  I have to say it...I hate fish tacos.  I've never actually had them and I like fish, but the thought of fish and a taco...gross.  I am sure the recipe is delish though and Hubby's mouth was watering when he read your post.  

3.  Cannot wait to see what you end up doing with your cupboard, hutch piece.  Creamy white sounds good.  One of my favorites is Glass of Milk by Martha.  I used it in my guest bathroom downstairs.  What about painting the pulls either the blue that you are going to use in the inside or metallic silver.  I love the look of those antique pulls.  And it seems to fit the style of the piece.

4.  Regarding my chandelier, for now, I am leaving it white.  I sprayed it myself.  It was ugly brass, but now I think it's kind of cool.   You can kind of see it in these pictures.  There is something fun about the white with the white wainscoting. 

5.  Bought these.  LOVE them.  Will show you pictures next week.
Zoey Curtain Panel - Crate & Barrel
An up close shot of the curtain
Have a great weekend!!  It's my last opportunity to prep before my best girls and their husbands come to town!!  


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