Thursday, June 23, 2011

Subject: New Uses For Old Things

So, you know how Real Simple Magazine has the "New Uses For Old Things" section?  If you don't, it's totally okay, but just know it exists.  Anywho, I found a new use for knobs.  You know, drawer pulls.  Well, they are the best jewelry organizers out there.  (And the prettiest, too!)

The Before:
The Necklaces:
 The Knobs:
The How To:
(Basically, you just use wall anchors, drill a whole and twist the knob in.)

The Final Product:

I loved walking into my closet this morning and seeing everything organized and in its new place!  Hope that inspires you.  I know you have some pretty necklaces from The Governor's Daughter.  Now you just need to find a cool place to hang them!


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