Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Re: Design + TV

Melissa -

Yes! I have been watching Million Dollar Decorators. Pretty much I fast-forward through all the interpersonal stuff and only watch the design parts...those people are a little nuts! I love Mary McDonald's office, with the double doors and those big rings. Yes, please. And thank you for telling me about the Novogratz Family! I loved watching them last year and was anxious to see if they would have another season. Phew! I cannot wait to watch!

I wanted to show you some pictures that came to me in a round-about way: this girl I'm kind of friends with on Facebook (meaning, we're officially Facebook friends but I only know her socially so we're not 'real' friends) had the link to a house for sale on her profile. I don't know if it's her house for sale, or if she works for a realtor (see, if we were real friends I would know that!), but the house is amazing. I might ask her if it's her house and then she can tell me where she got all of her cool accessories/furniture.

Feast your eyes:

Here is everything that I love (since you asked!):

  • The wingback chairs and photos above the couch. The profiles on the chairs are really elegant but still modern. I also love how all the furniture is neutral with some color coming in through the prints on the wall, although some colorful fabric on a pillow somewhere would be nice too.

  • The plates on the wall in the dining room - what a fun arrangement! I wonder if all the plates were purchased at once and, if not, if the collection was added to over time or if they were all put up there at once?

  • The vintage camp-looking bed frame and the arrangement of pictures above the bed. The light fixture fits in well with the room too, I think.

  • I love this nursery! Especially the fur rug (so soft for a baby to play on...but probably challenging to clean when spit-ups inevitably happen!) and the 'poof' in front of the chair.

  • The laundry room is probably my favorite of all: the wainscoting, all the seagrass baskets and - of course - that blue door. I now think you should paint the door in your laudry room. And those glass containers...the whole thing is perfect!

  • Mostly I love the light fixture just before the stairs. Maybe I want something like that instead of the Moravian light I told you about previously.

I hope you enjoyed this house as much as I did. There is definitely some inspiration to be found in the understated elegance and deliberate use of color.

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