Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Subject: An Anthro-esq Bathroom Redo

For the time put into this project, I figured it warranted an e-mail all its own.  Is it weird that I designed the bathroom to look and feel like Anthropologie?  If Anthropologie were a girl, that would be semi-stalkerish.  Thankfully, its a store, and hopefully they are flattered.  Well, here it is.  The big reveal.  It's been complete for a couple weeks now, and each time I walk in the room I am in love.  Even Hubby said the other day how much he liked it.  (Shout out to Hubby and my awesome stepdad who we could not have done the renovations without.)

So, here's the only before picture I have because I am not smart enough to remember to take a before shot!  I can give you a good description though.  Latte walls (think of a cappuccino), gold everything (faucet, shower head, etc.) and the standard mirror over the sink.  There was also this light fixture which was pretty much the bain of my existence.  


And with the Anthropologie ruffled shower curtain as the source of inspiration, here's the the after!


A look from outside the bathroom

Does this faucet not scream Anthropologie?  It was love at first sight!!  Thanks Home Depot!

How fun is the mirror?!  $30 at Homegoods!  And then our matching Target soap pump and a little birdie from NC.

A full shot of the shower curtain.

I found this towel ring and the matching toilet paper holder at Lowes.  Doesn't it match the faucet so well??

Anthropologie-esq knobs from Hobby Lobby - the best craft store ever.  I think they were $2.50 each!!  Bargain!

A shot of all the knobs and Millie's tush.  (She loves getting in the frame when I take pictures.)

I figured you'd want to see her mug in addition to her tush.

The perfect finishing touch.  I could not believe how hard it was to pick out a light fixture.  I found this one at Lowes.
So, the bathroom is only missing one minor thing.  This hand towel from Anthropologie, which I ordered the other day and should arrive this week.   

Great Southern Butterfly Towels

This was also our first room that we used Martha Stewart paint in.  We chose Glass of Milk for the color.  It actually looks just like the name in person, and sometimes leaves me and Hubby feeling thirsty.  I'm really happy with the product, although we chose a semi-gloss, so you definitely had to wait in between coats because it was sticky.  We ended up taking the color up to the top of the ceiling which makes the whole space look really big. 

The one other addition not pictured is the new shower head, shower faucet and shower knob, which is all silver and nice and new.  Just not overly exciting to take a picture of.

Hope you enjoyed it!!  Hooray to both of us having new bathrooms!!

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