Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Subject: Family Room + The Couch Crisis

Good morning Kara!

I'm on a roll catching up with these posts.  I'm happy to report that my family room is coming together...FINALLY. 

I realized that I never shared with you the couch crisis.  If you recall, late last year I wrote about the custom couch that Hubby and I purchased.  It was from a leather store in Georgia and we were able to choose the leather color, if we wanted to add nail heads, etc.  All the fun customized touches that people love in furniture.  Well, needless to say the company stinks and because I don't want to dwell on the subject I will sum up the crisis by saying what arrived was not the Milky Way brown colored couch I hoped for, but a Cherry Cola colored couch leather with more red tones than brown.  My heart sank as I looked at it in the family room.  Thankfully, Hubby saw the unhappiness in my eyes and made them haul the couch away. 

Fast forward about a week later, we got our money back from the "custom" leather store and went on the couch hunt again.  We were pretty sure we wanted this Pottery Barn couch, and the only store that had it in stock was the outlet in North Georgia.  We took a ride to the outlet, sat in the couch and immediately knew it wasn't for us.  The price at the outlet was awesome, but it left a lot to be desired.  Right across the way from the PB outlet was the one and only Restoration Hardware Outlet.  We walked in, walked around and knew we had found a winner.  I present, straight from our family room showroom, our new couch.

This is the Maxwell, but last year's model.  The good thing is we like last year's model more than the 2011 version, because this year's model only has two cushions.  The color can best be described as an old bomber jacket.  It looks worn in and is absolutely delicious!!  There is a word Jewish people use to describe finding your husband or wife because it is believed that person is your destiny.  The word is beschert.  And while AJ is my beschert, I'm pretty sure this couch and I were also meant to be!!

I also picked up pillows from Target the other day and am trying them out every now and then.  They photograph a little Missoni-ish.  Pretty cool! 

I also ordered this pillow from Anthropologie on my little shopping spree.  I'm curious to see how it looks in person and works with the blue Target pillows.

Fireworks Pillow

On Sunday, our Crate and Barrel sideboard arrived too, really pulling the room together.  I can't get over how perfect the size is for the tv wall.

Isn't this wood gorgeous?  It's Peroba wood from Brazil.  I did some research and it's all reclaimed.  They take it from the floors and walls of old buildings.  Love being environmentally conscious! 

We are still in the market for some side tables and a lamp for the room, but it's all a process.  I also want one more chair for the room and have been eyeing this one.  I ordered a sample of the fabric to try and get a better feel for it. 

Indigo Ikat Slipper Chair

Wouldn't it look awesome with this pillow??? 

Jonathan Adler Lemon Pillow
I am OBSESSED with Jonathan Adler.  Hubby...if you are reading, forget bringing flowers home, just deliver this pillow! 

I'll be sure to report back on the Anthropologie pillow and if we end up ordering the Urban Outfitters chair.  Have you seen any cute side tables around?  That's my next hunt for this room.

Can't wait to hear what you think!  Maybe the readers have some thoughts, too??  :)

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