Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Re: Re: Subject: There's No Place Like Home

Inspections and closing dates and we are almost homeowners, OH MY!  So, we made it past the inspection and due diligence period, and our officially closing on Friday.  This process has been an absolute whirlwind, but SO exciting!!

The move in advice is great, and I can tell you, for right now, I am keeping the walls the neutral color they are!  I also agree with waiting until we get in to the house until we start buying.  Living in our apartment, half the stuff we own is in my mom's basement.  It will be fun to go through and find everything!!

Guess what I did purchase though?!? A couch!  Here it is, except I was able to customize it a bit.  I made the bottom straight across instead of scalloped and added the nailheads only on the the arms.  Also, I was able to choose my own leather and went with a milky, chocolate brown.  I can't wait to send you pictures once it gets delivered.   

I came up with the nailhead idea on the arms only after coming across this Anthropologie beauty.  If not for the $6,000 price tag, I would have loved  to have this as my family room couch.  But I am THRILLED with what I am getting.

That's all for now.  Wish me luck on Friday.  Not that I think anything could go wrong.  I assume they just take your money and you sign your life away.  :)


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