Friday, June 17, 2011

Subject: Fish Tacos

Melissa -

So going into the weekend, I thought I would send you a very summery recipe for fish tacos. Back in May Mr. Lass and I went to Sandestin, Florida, for our anniversary. En route we drove Scenic Highway 30A, which has lots of fabulous beach communities. One such community, Alys Beach, had this amazing restaurant called George's that had been recommended to us. So we left early Friday morning and went there for lunch. (One of the nice things about traveling west is that you change into Central Time, but our stomachs stayed on Eastern Time, so we were always an hour ahead of the lunch/dinner crowds and never had to wait for a table!)

Jonathan had the grouper sandwich and I got the fish tacos. They. Were. Amazing. Seriously. So delicious. So then I decided I wanted to make them myself, which sent me on the hunt for a recipe that would measure up to what I had at George's.

I first went to (where else?) the Barefoot Contessa website because I remembered once on her show she had a guest chef on making fish tacos. This site was helpful for making the recipe for the sauce, but then I was left asking, "How do you make chipotle paste?"

A-ha! You Tube! So then I used this video for making the chipotle paste. Basically you buy a small can of chipotle peppers and then put them in the food processor and strain out the seeds. Simple!

And finally, I used this recipe for the batter. The beer flavor in it was really nice. I used Corona Light because I bought a 6-pack for Mr. Lass to enjoy with the tacos. I used tilapia because it was on sale that week.

We had ours with just the sauce and fish, but you could add cabbage or whatever the other condiments are they recommend. Seriously, these were SO GOOD. And the sauce is tastes really complex (and hard to make). I would like to find other dishes to serve it on.

Have a great weekend!

P.S. Sorry for no pictures in this post. We gobbled up the finished product before there was time to snap any pictures!

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