Friday, April 22, 2011

Subject: A Royal Dinner Party

Peach -

Confession Time: I am a major Royal Watcher. Like, borderline obsessive. I just find the whole family incredibly fascinating and we have nothing stateside to compare the whole monarchy to, which just adds to the fascination. Needless to say, I am pumped about the upcoming nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

In order to celebrate, I have decided to throw a dinner party for several friends who are also excited and/or love any excuse to get together just us girls. I'm so glad the bride and groom decided to get married on a Friday, because it really works out well for me and my dinner party! Here is the invitation. You'll notice it looks similar to Suz's birthday invitation. Yes, I called on Kinko's again:

It's going to be all girls - six of us total - so I am excited to cook food that Mr. Lass would ask, "Where's the meat?" but I know these ladies will fully appreciate. I'm hoping I can finish my table in time because I think it will really great with the table scape I have in mind. (Is 'table scape' even a real word? And is it one word, or two? I feel like the only person I've ever heard use it is Sandra Lee, so I'm not sure if it's even a word I like repeating...)

On the menu I am doing all Ina Garten dishes (shocker) that I have long-admired in her cookbooks, but have been reluctant to prepare because of the aforementioned Husband. I'm going to start things off with a Roasted Pear with Blue Cheese & Walnuts salad that looks divine. And I feel like the blue cheese (maybe I'll even spring for real Stilton) and the walnuts are a nod to England. The main course is going to be Ina's Spring Green Risotto, which I'll serve alongside bread. I'm actually going to serve everything all at once, since it will be ready all at the same time and you pretty much need to serve risotto right away, right?

I know risotto isn't the most ideal item to serve when you're having people over to eat, but since it's all women we'll all be in the kitchen anyway and I am putting someone else in charge of bring an hors devours for everyone to munch, and I may ask another person to bring a cocktail for us to sip while we take turns stirring. Then I have asked someone else to bring dessert and the only direction I gave was for it be spring-ish and light, so maybe something with berries. If it were me making something, I might use Ina's recipe for Eton Mess, since we all know that the groom graduated from Eton College before going on to St. Andrews University. (That is common knowledge, right?)

I'm still working on what I will do for the table - tablecloth vs. place mats, and what kind of cloth napkins (I do not feel the impulse to make any this time) to use. I am definitely breaking out the China, though, because when else do you get to use it? And I'll do some pretty centerpiece, maybe pink roses, since that is spring-ish and girly and wedding-y. I'm not sure what we will do at this dinner party, other than eat. Obviously we will talk about the wedding, and maybe even watch some highlights of it once we're done with dinner.

I just think it will be fun to get together with five of my good friends, and this wedding was the perfect excuse for us to all share a meal. Incidentally, having a girls-only dinner party was one of my goals for 2011. (I've decided that I am only going to reveal to you my goals as I am in the process of completing them.)



P.S. The rest of your Pesach dinner sounded delicious. So many home-cooked favorites using family recipes makes for a perfect evening. I would be honored to join you and your family one year! I love your blue and white dishes by the way. Where are they from?

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