Thursday, April 21, 2011

Subject: Dining Room Decor

Your priming update inspired me to provide you with an update of one of my latest projects.  (By the way, love that the table is coming along!)

So, before purchasing a dining room table, I was pretty much set on what I wanted to hang on the walls of the dining room...plates!!  I always knew I wanted plates somewhere in my house, and since the kitchen has very minimal empty wall space the dining room seemed like the next best alternative.

I fell in love with the Petite Fille Plate from Anthropologie and was happy to learn there were a whole slew of plates that coordinated with it.

Anthropologie - Petite Fille Plate
I didn't just want to hang them though.  I needed something fun and dramatic.  Thanks to inspiration right from Anthro - here's an idea of where I'm at:

I bought frames from Target, took out the glass and left the backs off.  Please note, the plan is to add two more frames to the top so it's three and three, but after going to four Targets I'm waiting for them to stock up again.  (I found what would have been the last two needed in fourth and final last Target I stopped at, but they were all scratched.  So annoying!)

Here's an upclose shot.  I love how the frame molding mimics the wainscoting.

Then I purchased these really cool plate hangers from Amazon.  They take a little time to put on, between washing the plates, sticking the hangers on the back by wetting the magic glue they have on them and letting them try, but I love how you can't see them from the front.

And here's where I am so far...

I'll be sure to send you pictures once it's 100% complete.

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Peach's Mom said...

It looks great! How did not notice this today?