Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Subject: Pesach Part 2

As promised, here are some more shots from Monday's seder. 

The menu included the following:
-Chopped liver:  I know this kind of sounds gross, but it's amazing.  Prepared by Mom using Grandma's recipe
-Gefilte fish:  Hubby's fav
-Charoset:  I think you might love this one.  Here's the recipe I used.
-Brisket (Known as pot roast to some) and Potatoes:  Prepared by yours truly using Grandma's recipe  (Pictured above)
-Greenbeans with garlic and lemon:  This recipe by the Neely's is YUM and easy to make.
-Chocolate Passover Cookies:  Thank you Martha Stewart!
-Passover Jelly Fruit Slices:  Storebought from the MIL.  I don't actually think anyone ever attempts to make them

Maybe one year you can come up for a seder??  We'd love to have you any Passover!!

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