Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Subject: Laundry Room Love

It's finally complete!!  I can officially say one room in the house is DONE!!

Here was the one before picture I remembered to take.  While it's not showing all the details, (UGLY GOLD fixture and wire shelving), you get the gist.

The After Shots:

So, after settling on Martha Stewart paint in Faded Ink, the rest of the vision was easy to accomplish.  I wanted to bring out the black and white tile so, all the extras had to of couse be black and white.  Here's what we did:
  • Per your suggestion, I found the basket in Target.  For $9.99, it was quite the steal in my mind, and now holds dryer sheets, a Tide to Go Pen and lint rollers. 
  • We also switched the wire shelves with a solid wood one.  Best part was it was free because the previous homeowner left it hanging in another room!  Score!! 
  • The UGLY UGLY gold fixture is gone and has been replaced with a round black fixture.  Although my MIL said the laundry room looks so gorgeous it should have a chandelier hanging in it!  :)
  • The picture frames were purchased from Pottery Barn.  I really love how they are 5x5 and the quality of the mats is amazing!
  • After the debate of what to hang, I settled on some prints found on Etsy.  The first one that caught my eye was this one:
  • Laundry Day by Irene Suchocki
  • The photograph was taken in Italy and since I'm 1/4 Italian I liked it even more.  I decided to choose two more prints from her Italy collection, so I didn't have an overload of laundry-related images in the laundry room, and settled on a shot of a Venice canal and lemons in basket.  She was so awesome to order from and was coincidentally having a promotion at the time I ordered so I got an additional percentage off the purchase.
So, that pretty much sums up the laundry room make over.  One last funny story before I go.  Two weeks ago I was going laundry in my pretty laundry room and the washer decided not to drain.  I was sure the washer, which looks about half my age, was on the outs.  Hubby figured out that the lid switch was broken though.  So, for $40 we ordered a new one.  When it arrived, I marched upstairs with my computer, played the video below and fixed the darn thing!!  If you have 3 minutes to spare, watch the video.  Can you imagine I did what this guy did?!?  I'm contemplating opening my own handy man business.  :)

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Peach's Mom said...

I was already impressed that you fixed the washer yourself, but now that I saw the video, I am amazed! Who knew you were so handy?