Monday, January 10, 2011

Subject: Chore Art

So, one area of the house that we added The House of Peach touch to was the laundry room.  Although, modest in size, it is an actual room, which I like, and has enough room to store everything laundry room-related.  Before I send you all the pictures of the makeover, there is one key element I need to make a decision on.  The artwork!

The floor is black and white and we painted the walls Faded Ink by Martha Stewart.  I am kind of in love with her paints!

Faded Ink by Domestic Goddess Martha Stewart

So, now I need to choose the artwork for one of the walls.

Choice #1:  I would do this in a black background in a black frame.  I think it would work nicely with the black and white floor.

Etsy Keep Calm Shop Poster
Choice #2:  I would also do this in a black background.

Etsy Aldari's Shop
Or is a fun photograph the way to go??

Choice #3

Etsy Heather Evans Smith's Shop

Etsy has a ton of photographs of clothes on a clothesline.  I think there could be a good chance that I have some of my own photographs like that from my trip to Israel a few years ago.  I will have to go find the disk and look though all the pictures.

Would love to hear your thoughts on the laundry room art.  Seems like making that room pretty would make the chore of doing laundry a little less painful!  Also, send me a picture of your laundry room when you can.  I remember you had those silver buckets.  I wonder if there is anything else I'm forgetting?!

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