Monday, March 21, 2011

Subject: No Need to Dwell in the Past

WHERE ARE YOU?!?  You better write back with the world's longest post on Suz's birthday!!  :)

Anyway, while you are away, I have a number of things to write/post about.  Today, Master Bedroom Linens.  This weekend I had an epiphany.  We are in the process of looking for a mattress for the guest room.  I always assumed that I would decorate the room with my Pottery Barn Diamond Matelasse Duvet.  The style has been discontinued for a while now, but it looks like this.  I barely had used the set because pretty much right after I bought it Hubby and I decided to move in together and we got a king bed.  Anyway, I only have the duvet and two standard shams, so I've been debating what the heck to do for euro shams and a bed skirt.  Then the epiphany occurred.  

Why not move our Dwell bedding into the guest room and get something new for our room?  Unfortunately after the washing and the drying of our beloved Chinoiserie bedding from Anthropologie, the duvet actually shrunk a bit on the sides.  The positive is it will be perfect for the guest room queen bed!!  And the even bigger positive is new fun stuff for our room.  

I'm thinking white - because I just love having white bedding - and throwing in fun throw pillows.  I picked up this one at the Pottery Barn outlet this weekend and am using it for inspiration.

Pottery Barn - Kilim Pillow
I love love love the look of Kilim.  The hand woven wool makes the pillow look like I picked it up at a market in another country.  I think it plays nicely off of the curtains I bought from West Elm and looks great with all the furniture.  Can't wait to show you what it all turns out like.  

Hope to hear from you soon!!

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