Friday, November 25, 2011

Subject: Nursery Fabric

Melissa -

Hope your family had a great Thanksgiving yesterday! As you are reading this, I am probably en route to Ikea for a day of awesome finds. I am so excited! After poring over the Ikea website for many hours, I think I have made a list of all the things I need/want, and I cannot wait to check it twice!

I've already shared with you some of my nursery inspiration ideas and some of the accessories I would like to incorporate (loved your suggestions, by the way, especially that adorable book!), so now it's time to talk about fabric. This aspect of the room has been a question mark from the beginning, but in the last few days I feel like I have gotten a clearer picture of what I want and I'm starting to get excited. First, though, I feel like this picture is a good illustration of what I ultimately want to achieve in this nursery:

I'm not talking necessarily about the colors, but instead the mood. It reads kid, but it's not theme-y or overly cute-sy. I also love the lightness and brightness in this space - and that's really what I want. I want the room to feel airy and light, but also to be sophisticated and have a vintage vibe to it. At this point I think I have settled on the wall cover "Light Blue" (creative!) by Benjamin Moore. It's a true blue, but not over-powering. Like Suz's nursery, I want the wall color to be secondary, but still add to the overall mood. I like for colors to read what they are, but still be pale enough to be considered a neutral too.

I think the main piece of furniture in any nursery is the crib (duh), so I feel extra pressure to get that bedding right. I'm not worried about fabric for the bumper because I'm using this white breathable bumper thing that is already in the crib. So - one less thing to think about! So that leaves the crib skirt (and sheets, but that seems secondary). I want some kind of plaid that looks like a man's dress shirt, but is still kid-friendly and colorful and will let me incorporate lots of other colors in the room. It was love at first site with this:

It's very similar to a Serena & Lily fabric called "Rex" that you may remember I sent you back before I knew I was having a girl the first time, but has now been discontinued. Bummer. This swatch I found off a random website that does not even sell fabric, so I'm really going to have to use my Internet skills to track this down. But I really like all the colors and think it achieves what I want it to.

Also in this room there will be a twin bed, so I need to think about bedding for it too. One thing I'm trying to keep in mind is that one day little Bobby might be sleeping in this bed with this very bedding, so I want it to be kid-friendly, but also if a grandparent needs a place to sleep one night they don't feel weird about sleeping over because the sheets are covered in a circus print and bears juggling, you know? I am drawing my inspiration from this room that was posted on Little Green Notebook:

This is exactly what I want! I love how the bedding is light/bright/airy, but also is boy-ish but not too juvenile. I am liking the idea of doing some kind of quilt (maybe in gray?) on the bed and then doing a more colorful duvet folded at the foot of the bed. The one in this picture is a Dwell find from Target that is no longer available (from what I can tell), but then in my Ikea stalking I found this:

Not bad, right? I will need to see it in person to get a read on the colors and if it would really work, but I kind of like what it's doing. It's definitely kid-ish, but it doesn't seem childish (an important distinction, no?) and I like that the background is white, which helps with my lightness and brightness goal. I also like that there is some turquoise/light blue in it, which references back to the madras above. And one thing to keep in mind is that it's going to be folded at the foot of the bed, so that will help tone it down some. I wouldn't want this as the main bedding - that might be too much for this room. So fingers crossed it is a) not hideously ugly in person or b) out of stock. One more thing on the bed: it's going to be right near the upholstered rocker, which is covered in a khaki-colored twill, so I need to stay away from that color in a quilt, don't you think?

Right now the window in the room is covered with some pretty sad-looking mini blinds. I found this DIY on covering a cheap roller shade with fabric of your choosing, so I think I might go with that. Here is the fabric I am considering:

I really want red to be an accent in the room, used sparingly but still with purpose so it really has some punch. I found a brass lamp at a thrift store (a true thrift store, not overpriced Goodwill) that I have painted a glossy red, so that will bring in another pop of red. Maybe I will do some sheets that have some red in them too...maybe polka dots or something? I also like the idea of incorporating a little bit of black and white buffalo check somewhere, since that really says "man" to me :) I think re-covering my little footstool for in front of the rocker will be the perfect spot for it.

So, yeah. That is the fabric. I think I covered everything, right? As always, can't wait to hear your feedback/comments/thoughts.

Happy shopping day!

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