Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Re: Subject: Nursery Accessories

Hi Kara,

Where to begin?!?  I think the nursery accessories are the best part of a nursery.  I have a feeling we are going to come back to this topic quite a bit.

In my mind I picture Don Draper's office/Bobby Draper's bedroom.  Leather club chairs, plaid, houndstooth and a little bit of this:

As far as vintage posters go, I think All Posters has a great selection.  I also came across this site called Vintage Printable, where you can print poster size images for free!  They have some really cool stuff, including map prints like this which I know you are a fan of.

Then there are cool typography prints like this:

And if only you were having a Cowgirl instead of a Cowboy, how fun is this??  Clearly I have a vintage Wild West obsession.  Totally subconscious up until this point though!
I am going to keep my eyes open for other fun accessories.  The only thing I've found thus far is the cover of this book.  I was thinking fun vintage book covers could also be cool framed?  Or maybe one or two go on the shelves?

And look, it's your entire family!!  Except you need a dog.  But Ina is there!!

Okay, last thing before I wrap this up, but it's for Suz and not Baby M.  I recommend you add this to the Ikea list...

I own it.  I painted it.  It's amazing.  There is also a mirror version.  I think in a fun color this could be very cute in Suz's new room either as a mirror, chalkboard, bow holder (per your Pinterest).  The ideas I have are endless.

Until tomorrow!

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