Monday, November 21, 2011

Re: Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel

Melissa -

So I thoroughly enjoyed your last post about holiday cards. I have recently received catalogs from Shutterfly and Snapfish with various holiday card options inside. I found myself getting annoyed when they would use the same "family" photo on several card examples, but the names would be different. Or they wouldn't have enough names (like what you pointed out - four names but only one person in the the other kid too heinous for family/friends to see???). Also, why do all the names sound so smug? Example: Holiday Wishes - Tate, Hampton, Bucklebury & Georgianna. Okay, I'm kind of exaggerating. But seriously. It makes me not even want to buy their cards if I am going to be lumped in with all that smug-ness!

I also look forward to seeing your Hanukkah Bush! In that spirit, I submit this picture from the December issue of Better Homes & Gardens:

Um, this is exactly what you need to do. The pine cones are spray-painted sparkly blue. The person also made blue velvet acorns. I would label that "overboard" but you could just do lots of blue and silver nature-y decorations (just buy them and slap a coat of paint on them).

Seriously, please do it. It's too gorgeous not to pass up! And the article said the designer person used dead limbs from their yard. For this and other creative holiday tips, pick up this month's issue of Better Homes & Gardens...

Also, in the spirit of Hanukkah, I wanted to send you this pop-up book I ran across:

If you are not familiar with Robert Sabuda, you need to get familiar. He is like the pop-up book master. When I was in college (maybe even high school?) my mom would give me one of his books each year for Christmas and now I have this amazing collection of really beautiful pop-up books. Of course, they are currently packed away in a box up until the point where I feel my Sally (and soon Bobby) will not tear them to shreds...but what an exciting day that will be! I don't know about Michael J. Rosen, but I'm sure he is lovely and charming as well.

Anyway, that is all for me. What is with all the italics this post? I just ate a brownie not too long ago and I'm blaming it on that. I just felt like there was so much to emphasize in my response!

Happy Monday!

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