Friday, November 18, 2011

Subject: Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel

I received my weekly email from Paper-Source and this week there was something about holiday cards.  I figured I would see what they had in the Hanukkah department, which is usually nothing good, but I actually came across these:
If I were to send out holiday cards, which I usually don't and probably won't, I think I would look no farther than these.  Pretty funny, huh?!?

But after finding this one, I wanted to see what else is out there in the world of Hanukkah holiday greetings.  While being Jewish has a lot going for it....we can add fun words in to our vocabulary like "oy" and "kvetching" and actually know what they mean, all of our holidays revolve around wine, Jerry Seinfeld (funniest guy out there) is on our team and we're all rich! (I mean that's what people say)....when it comes to the "holiday season" we usually get the shaft.  When you go out to buy your wrapping paper and bows in red and green this year, why don't you see how many Hanukkah choices there are out there.  Probably two different wrapping paper styles and both not so hot.  (Hmmmm...maybe I should go into the wrapping paper business??)

Okay, back to the real story.  So, I decided to look online for Hanukkah holiday cards, but I was immediately distracted (Surprise, distracted) by these two beauties...

While beautiful cards, the first features a picture of who I assume to be Sam.  My question is, where is Jake??  Not adorable enough to be featured with his sister on this year's Hanukkah greeting card. 

Then there is card number two filled with it's own faux pas.  It's "signed" by four people, only one being a woman, yet there are six girls in the photograph.  Very odd!! 

So, to the company who has these holiday cards online, your marketing staff sucks!  Alright, before I turn into a full fledged Scrooge, I'm signing off!  Don't worry though, I'll be back next week and I cannot wait to tell you all about the Hanuakkah Bush/Christmas tree we plan to erect in our house!!  That's right this Jewish household refuses to be left this holiday season!!

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