Thursday, November 17, 2011

Re: A Fond Farewell

Way to bite the bullet and start writing.  Especially on a random week nonetheless.  I'm very into starting things like this on the first of the month, yes I'm anal, but just jump in on November 15...and to top it off it was a Tuesday!  I'm so lucky to have you in my life to shake things up!
Well, first of all CONGRATULATIONS!!  Even though I've known for how many weeks?!?  I'm so excited the cutest little girl is going to have a handsome little brother!  You are on your way to become the perfect nuclear family!

I cannot wait to decorate the nursery with you, and I am sure I will be in Tally early next year.  It will be internet/in-person decorating.  So is the plan to scour the internet for great ideas, post them to our Pinterest here and here and then write about the final product on Peach & Lass?  I love the direction you are going in, and would expect nothing less than a Mad Men/Don Draper-esq nursery for your little man.  You need to start look for a vintage bar cart to hold bubblegum cigarettes.

As Casa de Richman we've made some improvements over the past few months and a few more are on our list of to-dos.

1.  The mantel has been given a facelift for the holidays
2.  The upstairs guest bathroom has been given a facelift because it was boring and blah and borderline fugly
3.  We are on our way to redoing the master bathroom...tile to be ordered this week!  WOO HOO!
4.  The dining room now has a table!!  HOORAY!
5.  I thrifted a fun chair for the master bedroom
6.  I bought and repainted a mirror from Ikea for the guest room based on my inspiration
7.  The dining room also has chairs
8.  Something amazing is going to take place next month upstairs

I think that's about it, although I must admit I was hoping to write a #9 and #10.  I told you I'm anal and stopping on #8 just seems weird.  Promise to post pictures of the latest and greatest in the coming days/weeks.

Time to wrap this bad boy up.  I leave you with these images just so you know where we left off last as far as master bath inspiration and vision.  I am getting excited!!!  Hope you are too!

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