Saturday, November 19, 2011

Subject: Nursery Accessories

Melissa -

So happy to hear from you! I like how you are a perfectionist and I am a procrastinator...I knew if I told myself I was going to wait until the beginning of the month, I would never write anything again! Also, if your bathroom looks anything like the inspiration pictures you posted, I will be so jealous! (and totally happy for you too, of course) Actually, it could really work out because one day when I move out of this house I will need a new master bathroom myself, and then I can just copy yours :) Everybody wins!

Okay, now to my current mental obsession: this nursery. Like I said, I have all the furniture already so we'll mostly need to concentrate on accessories and fabric. Today I am going to show you some of the accessories I have found around the interwebs that I love and would like to incorporate in some way. So, without further ado...

These globes from Jordan's apartment seem perfect to incorporate into the Mad Men/'60s Jet Set vibe. I don't necessary need nine, but maybe one small vintage-looking one? I think I have seen then before at World Market.

Above the dresser I want to do either one shelf or two for displaying purposes. I've already promised Mr. Lass we can have cigar boxes in this room, so that seems like a good place to display a few. Plus some other knickknacks...Zippo lighters, perhaps? (Just kidding and I laughed at your comment about the bubble cigarettes. I have, however, thought of trying to find a chunky brass ash tray - clean, of course - to hold pacifiers. I had a pretty bone dish in Suz's room that served the same purpose it was a nice way to display them plus they were always handy.)

These shadow boxes might be a nice alternative to plain shelves, or I could maybe even do both, depending on what I want to display. Of course, the more shelves and small items means more tedious dusting...something to keep in mind.

I am terrible at deciding on artwork, but I fell in love with the idea of vintage travel prints, especially to go with the aforementioned '60s Jet Set vibe. These are a great price and I may only get two. Or three. I'll need to add those frames to my Ikea shopping list.

This faux deer head seems perfect for that old man/den vibe. I don't know if I would choose fabric so busy, but I love the idea of some kind of kid-friendly taxidermy in the room.

O-kay. Got an idea of what I'm working towards? More to come!

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