Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Subject: A Fond Farewell

Melissa -

Ahh! Wasn't that a nice three months off? Well, vacation's over! We have work to do. Here is my guest room as it sits now:

Not too bad, right? But now I am going to have to send it off with a tear and a wave to make room for...(imagine the dots are a drum roll) - a new nursery! Yes, it's true. Suz is getting a new baby brother for her birthday in March. He will be the Bobby to my Sally. Speaking of which, I am drawing on some Mad Men inspiration to for this nursery.

Here are a few pictures that I love (all via Babble):

I want it to be very boy-ish and sweet, but also sophisticated. A room I will want to be in. In my head I keep saying that if Don Draper had a nursery, this would be it. But then I realize that's weird on many levels. So maybe if my husband were to design a nursery for himself, as an adult, this is what it would be. Maybe that isn't that less weird...but I think you get what I'm saying.

The good news is that I have all the furniture already (plus a surprise piece I can't wait to share later on), so basically we'll just need to focus in on accessories (!!!). I'm going to need lots of help on fabrics, I think. So get your creative juices flowing! Plus, in addition to this nursery, Suz is getting upgraded to a Big Girl Room (bye bye sweet nursery), which means a twin bedding and new bedding!!

So lots to work on and, even though you're not physically here to help (unless...?), I will be relying on your awesome Internet researching skills and impeccable taste to help me pull this off in the next 20-ish weeks (yikes - I hate hard deadlines!).



Elissa said...

Hi Kara,

Did you ever find the plaid fabric for the bedding that looks like the Serena and Lily Rex bedding? Thanks!

Kara said...

No - I never did! I even called Serena & Lily to see if they had even the smallest amount in their warehouse somewhere. It was a dead end. So I ended up going in a different direction and used a nuetral plaid instead. I will have to post pictures soon!