Friday, August 12, 2011

Subject: Rehoboth Houses

Melissa -

Hello and happy Friday! So today I am going to show you the pictures I took of my favorite houses in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Some of them reminded me of houses from a movie and I absolutely drooled at the thought of spending a weekend living in one. Or just a night - I'm not greedy. The details on the houses were great too - lots of stone mixed with wood siding and cedar shingles. And the yards were immaculate. I was very jealous of the climate up there. It was hot, yes, but not the kind of hot that just zaps flowers in the middle of the afternoon if you are not out there holding a garden hose to everything. Basically - not like here.

I don't even know if these pictures will do the houses justice, especially since I took these on the last day we were there when the sky was gray and cloudy (the best kind of weather to be leaving a beach vacation, in my opinion). But I hope you get the idea. Oh, and I saved the best for last!

I included a close-up of the yard on this next one because I thought it was so charming:

The house that went with this next yard wasn't all that memorable to me, but I loved this little stone wall and garden behind it:

This house seemed a little out-of-place among all the others, but I loved the red geraniums in the pot and the manicured box woods. Plus the American flag against the gray (with the red geraniums) is really nice, so I decided to include it:

And this one is called The Grey Goose and it was my favorite house of all. Can't you see why?

Don't you just die for that pink door? I don't know how well you can tell from the pictures, but the house was this amazing gray with white trim and a pale pink door. And the house is on Queen Street - how perfect is that? I also loved the little walkway on the roof - I can only imagine what the view is like from up there. Seriously, if they were selling tickets on the driveway, I would have bought one just to see what the interior was like!!

I hope you have a fabulous weekend and I will see you back here next week!

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