Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Subject: Rehoboth Beach - An Introduction

Melissa -

So our big 10-day trip included five days staying at my aunt-in-law's beach house in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. I had no idea what to expect, but Mr. Lass said that what the Hamptons are to NYC-ers, Rehoboth is to the DC set. Yes, please! I have never actually been to the Hamptons so I have no way to make a comparison, but the houses in Rehoboth were super-cute and the main street was within walking distance to where we were staying and had so many local shops and restaurants, you would need an entire summer to experience everything.

Here are some pictures I took along the main street:

Okay, so I only took two. So now I will talk about what is in the shops. Most of the shops were very boutique-y, meaning they were small and locally-owned and included merchandise that I had never seen before. It was so fun to look at everything - longingly, for the most part, since whatever I bought would have to jammed into an already-full suitcase or carried through security and on board an airplane, which is hard to do with a toddler in tow.

However, I did find this little gem and had to have it:

Isn't it gorgeous? I carried this on-board, which meant carting it around on a layover while pushing a stroller, but it's totally worth it to look at it everyday. It is really unique - the top is smooth glass, but the underneath is some kind of scrolled medal that is textured and has an amazing patina on the base. It's one of those things I will love forever. I asked the shop owner about it, hoping it would have some kind of cool story, but she said it was a reproduction and they had another one in a box in the storeroom. Oh well.

One thing about Rehoboth Beach that I found so interesting is that it is a very Northern beach town. Meaning the beach isn't that great (compared to the crystal clear water and powder sand we enjoy on the Gulf) - for one thing, the water is absolutely frigid. Of course, Suz didn't seem to notice - she squealed with delight every time a wave would come and water would cover her feet and legs. But one of the main draws is the boardwalk, which is right along the beach. It is really long and seems classically Northern. There are tons of places to buy what I call fair food - hot dogs, French fries, cotton candy, ice cream, pizza - you name it. And also a few arcade areas that had rides and classic games like Wack-a-Mole. The whole thing reminded me of Coney Island, which I have never been to, but I think is kind of the same set up. Did I take any pictures of this? Of course not...ahh! :( But here is a picture from the Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk website:

Except add hundreds of people and tons of pelicans. Funland was just that - super fun. We did, however, leave our stomachs on the Sea Monster ride, but otherwise had tons of fun.

Okay, tomorrow I will show you my favorite houses in Rehoboth Beach. You will love them!!

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