Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Subject: Catching Up

Melissa -

Hello friend! I am back in town and after having tackled a mountain of laundry and restocking our refridgerator, I am now ready to report on our trip and comment on your posts while I was gone. I feel like I have so much to share, so let's get started.

First things first: I loved your post about the Land of Nod Blog! It was new to me as well and I am excited to spend some time perusing it for ideas. What little I saw of it after following the link you posted has me intrigued. I saw one post by one of my favorite blogs - Making It Lovely - which was exciting. I didn't realize she was a contributor, so it will be fun to see what she has to say. The one post by her that caught my eye was about her daughter's new "big girl" room. Although it is still early (Suz just turned a year old in March), I find myself already daydreaming about what I will do for her room next. While in Rehoboth Beach, I found this amazing print that I think would be so fun in a little (or big!) girl's room:

Isn't that fun? I found the same one on eBay that is a fifth of what it cost in the store (the eBay one isn't framed). I think this is such an original idea for wall art in kids' rooms. This is an obvious choice for a boy's room, but it seems especially creative for a girl's room. I may have to keep this in mind! Plus something about it says Mad Men to me, which makes it even more appealing :)

I'm super jealous of your brother's new life in LA! I never had the nerve to move somewhere so far away, but I do enjoy living vicariously through people I know who do! Please keep sending pictures and stories via Brother Peach...especially any juicy celeb sitings!

Okay, I feel sufficiently caught up. Can't wait to share with you pictures from my trip this week!

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