Monday, August 1, 2011

Subject: Craigslist Side Table Makeover

Melissa -

I was going through some old pictures and realized I never sent these to you: I found a side table on Craiglist and painted it, so now it's good as new!

Here are the before and after:

I have always wanted a table like this, with the slanted shelf on the bottom. Originally thought I would use it to hold magazines, but they do not fit/won't stand up and cookbooks are too big. So now I have a few books on there - including on of Suz's. Miraculously, she really only takes her book off the shelf...most of the time!

This table was painted around the same time as my new kitchen table - you can kind of see it to the right when I was priming the big table. The orange is Ember Glow by Sherwin-Williams. I put a few coats of the same wipe-on polyurtherane as I used on the kitchen table, just to project it from everyday wear and tear.

It's in the corner of the kitchen, just inside of a doorway that was empty and needed something. This is the perfect size - anything too big would have looked out of place. Yay for Craigslist!

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