Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Subject: TJ Maxx Drooling

Melissa -

Living in a small town definitely has its drawbacks (only two Targets, one Michael's, no Home Goods!), but for some reason the furniture at the TJ Maxx is surprisingly good. I don't know if you have decided on dining room chairs to go with your new table (when you get it), but I fell in love with these:

I especially love the nail head trim as well as the fabric - it was almost like a linen. It just seemed really sophisticated, but the nail head made it feel more rustic and less formal. Plus it looks comfortable, which is so important if you want your guests to be comfortable and sit awhile. The price was great too - $149.99 each.

Of course, there were only two available, but I'm sure with the entire metropolis of Atlanta at your disposal, you could track down enough!

So have you noticed a trend with my posts this week? While I'm gone, I'm emptying out my phone of pictures I meant to send you!



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