Thursday, April 28, 2011

Subject: Checking In


So we are, like, less than 24 hours away from someone else's big day. Actually, we're less than 12 if you're on British time, which I have been (mentally) all week. (Do you think I'll be jet-lagged on Saturday when it's all over?) I am dy-ing. I love all the pomp and pageantry and especially love how all those Brits, with the traditional stiff-upper-lip, turn out to line the streets for someone else's wedding! I just really appreciate that. Mostly, though I'm so excited for my dinner party!

As a little game, this is what I have made:

I used pictures of Royal brides and grooms and my guests will have to match which princess goes with which prince (or toad, as the case is sometimes). I've decided on a table scheme (my new alternative to 'table scape') and the menu is going to be scrumptious. So, yeah - I'm just ready to get it all under way. I've decided that it's so much fun to turn ordinary things into events, because it makes them seem fun and exciting, even if you're not the person involved. Plus, it's just a great excuse to throw a party! I just Suz were a little older and then I would totally take advantage of these.

Okay, so next week I promise to write a ton more. I have to show you pictures from Suz's party (sorry for stringing you along for so many weeks!) and I've completed a few projects as well that I need to show you.

Just to get you excited, here are the 'before' shots:

Yikes, right? The 'after' photos will show you the transformation.

Also this week, I decided to spruce up my entry lamp. (You remember my new lamp, right?) Here it is before:

Not bad, but kind of ho-hum. After a quick trip to the craft store and some grosgrain ribbon and double-sided tape, here is the after:

Not a huge transformation. But still, I think it looks more polished and 'done.'

See you back here next week...hope you have a smashing weekend, dah-ling!



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