Monday, November 29, 2010

Re: The Perfect Shoe

Happy Cyber Monday!  (I couldn't resist.)  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the shoes.  They are the perfect dress up/dress down kind of pair.  I don't know how you didn't already scoop them up.  I think it must be because you have better self control than I do.  

I myself, with my lacking self-control, picked up a few things on Friday from one of our very favorite stores, JCrew.  I couldn't resist the 25% off they were offering and I was in dire need of some new work from home clothes.  Since we moved, I've been on a mission to wake up, get dressed, put on a little make up and work from the home office.  This is a huge departure from my old routine...wake up, stay in pajamas and work from the couch.  So far, minus today, I've been able to stay on track.  With the temperature dropping, I have been on the hunt for some "work appropriate" sweats.  Now, I didn't want to get the type of sweatpants you could buy in Target.  I have been looking for something a little more fitted, that I could wear in public and that Stacey and Clinton would hopefully approve of.  

Here are my Black Friday Purchases...
JCrew Skinny Ultra Lounge Pant

JCrew Ultra-Knit Un-Sweatpant

I also picked up a pair of the Signature Black Leggings and the Dream Zip Henley in black.  I figured the sweater can go with all my pants purchases!  Everything will be here on Wednesday, which should be fun since I ordered the Ultra Lounge Pants in two different colors and all the pants in two sizes!  Once they start throwing XXS and XS into the mix I always think it affects the other sizes which leaves be to wonder what size I would take.  Let's just say Wednesday will definitely be, "Fashion show, fashion show, fashion show at lunch!"

I have so many other things to share.  On the list is Beatty's Chocolate Cake, our dining room, Anthropologie + shower curtain love, a collage of pictures and overall home wall decor.  I will blog back soon to fill you in on all the wonderful details and my Thanksgiving weekend house progress.


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