Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Re: Coupons and Crates

Melissa -

I am so impressed! You guys are seriously on a roll when it comes to acquiring investment pieces using coupons! Coupons and online codes are seriously the way to go. Whenever I make an online purchase now, I always do a quick search to find any promo codes online. Usually I can find a code for free shipping or a certain percentage off my purchase. Seriously, why not?

And I completely agree with you - for now this piece will work great to hold all your television accoutrements, but in the future it would make the perfect sideboard for a dining room or even a console table behind a couch. Do you know what I'm loving these days? Topiaries. I'm picturing one on either end of this piece to flank your television on the wall and to give some height to the setting. Here are some holiday ones from Target:

Right now they are about $30/each, but they will probably be on major clearance after New Year's. Just a suggestion. I am definitely incorporating topiaries if/when I ever re-do my kitchen!

Thanksgiving will be at my grandmother's. It's what we've always done. It's fun and very much my family, but there are so many of us that it's buffet-style in the dining room and then we disperse to eat - usually men outside and the women at the table on the back porch. The best part: no cooking for me! But I look forward to the day when I host myself and get to use all the gourmet Thanksgiving recipes and table settings from magazines that I have been saving over the years!

My only tip on Beatty's Chocolate Cake: for the icing, really let the butter come to room temperature. It is seriously such good icing and room temperature butter makes all the difference in the world. I've started calling it Stomachache Cake because I usually end up with some icing left over that I continually eat out of the bowl and then I feel terrible afterwards! Just a warning :)

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and talk to you soon!


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