Thursday, December 15, 2011

Subject: I've Lost My Marbles

Hellllllooooo Kara!

Today it's about to get international.  It's time to discuss marble.  When the Mr. and I started planning this project, When I started begging the Mr. that we should redo the bathroom, When I told the Mr. we were redoing the bathroom, we were trying to look at what would be the most cost effective option for the vanity.  We had discussed (for about 2.2 seconds) keeping the existing cabinets and just replacing the top.  After that idea was squashed, we considered doing a "pre-made" piece a la Restoration Hardware:

Hutton Double Vanity Sink

The problem with this is the space we have is 100" long and pre-made pieces are generally 72" wide.  So basically we were going to lose both storage space and countertop space.  After finding Cabinets To Go we were sold and realized something more custom would be the way to go.

Upon making that decision my sidekick and I (that would be my mom) were on the hunt for a fab countertop.  Using this image as my inspiration...we were off.

When it comes to bathrooms, needing only 100" long of material, plus the backsplash which gives you about 25 ft. total, you don't need a full slab.  What's a girl to do???  Boneyard.  Yes, granite and marble companies have boneyards, which are remnants that are usually sold at a good price.  Here's the catch...whatever they have is what they have.  I made A LOT of phone calls and I have to say not a lot of places had boneyards.  But there was one that did!  We looked, got an idea of the selection and then was told we really should only choose from the boneyard about one week out of when we need the piece.  The pressure, the pressure.  What if when the time came there wasn't something that I LOOOOVEEEEDDD?!?!?  And then the magic words were spoken.  "If you don't see something you like outside, we can just sell you what you need from inside.  You don't have to buy the entire slab."  (Insert sound of angels singing)  The decision was made...or so I thought.

Fast forward to two weeks ago.  Tile installer recommends a granite and marble place he likes to use.  I call, talk to someone, let them know what I'm looking for and hear, "We've got a remnant that just might work for you and the price is GREAT!"  Sidekick and I rush right over and find this...

It's okay, but it didn't make my heart go pitter patter.  I wanted veins.  I wanted drama.  So, after that disappointing drive by, sidekick and I decided to swing by the original place.  The place where I heard angels sing. 

We look around the boneyard...saw a few things...reminded the girl again of what I was looking for...saw the lightbulb go off for her...and then we were brought to Italy.  May I present our marble slab....

She was just what I hoped for!!  Not quite the same as the inspiration, but she has the veins, the drama and she is pure perfection.  Best news is, after all was said and done, we found a remnant of her in the showroom.  Let's just wrap this up with another cha-ching!

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