Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Subject: Cabinets To Go

Good morning Kara!

Today's "email" is one I advise you to save should you ever be in the market for new cabinets.  When we first started the process of deciding to redo our bathroom, we were on the fence with regard to replacing our vanity.

The Current Vanity
It is white, and we were planning on still keeping the white.  But it is low...very low!  And with a 6 foot something husband, washing his face and brushing his teeth requires a lot of bending.  So, we started researching.  And we hit a lot of dead ends.  One place even quoted me $5,000 for cabinets!  INSANE!  I mean they were beautiful, but INSANE.

Thankfully, my mom, and avid HGTV watcher, remembered hearing about Cabinets To Go.  While the selection isn't huge, this place had EXACTLY what I was looking for!  We ended up with the Findley & Myers Malibu White as seen here (Please excuse that this is a kitchen, but you get the gist):

And here are the sketches of exactly what we ordered: 

This is a sink base, so we have two of these.

This is for the middle section where the vanity seat area used to be.
I figured it was silly to keep the sitting down vanity area since I never sit to put on makeup or do my hair.  Plus the selection of cute vanity seats is far and few between.  And the Shaker style cabinets, was exactly what I wanted.  A few places I found that sold them said they were veneer in the middle, but there are all wood.  So for under $1000 I'm getting three cabinets, delivery and someone to install them.  Not too shabby!!

And not to sound like an infomercial for Cabinets To Go, because I promise I'm paying the full price for them, but I found out they can offer such great prices because they only offer a small selection of products.  Also, it's owned by the  same guy who owns Lumber Liquidators.  Not that I've ever purchased anything from there, but I've hear the name.

So, I'll let you know how it all turns out, but as of now I'm thrilled.

Cha-Ching!  (That was because I saved so much money! HA HA)

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