Monday, December 12, 2011

Subject: Gray is my mom's least favorite color

Hi Kara - Hope you had a good weekend!!  Ours was "fun."  I mean, we painted.  So, I'm not quite sure if that constitutes as fun, but I always enjoy quality time with the hubs.

I'm pretty sure I shared some of these before pictures with you in the past but here they are as a refresher...

 I know, I know.  They make you wonder how we lived with a half carpet/half tile and all gold bathroom for a year.  Real pretty.  Especially knowing in my mind how AMAZING the after is going to be.  Well, this weekend, with paintbrushes in hand (I'm the cutter and the Mr. is the sounds like we are into some self-destructive behavior) we painted. 

The entire bathroom is a vision in my head and since I selected the tile, I knew I wanted a gray bathroom.  Funny thing is, my mom HATES the color gray.  She just thinks it's sad.  However, she helped me select my perfect bathroom shade, and I'm thankful she can see my vision and doesn't try and change my mind.  So, we went with Sherwin-Williams Rhinestone. 

If you are going to pick a gray, might as well pick one with a fab name.  Here are a few pictures of our weekend masterpiece.

Until tomorrow...

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