Monday, May 2, 2011

Subject: Royal Dinner Party UPDATE

Hi friend!

What a fun weekend! The dinner party was a smashing success - one friend even wore a hat! It was just a fun excuse to get together with a bunch of my girlfriends and eat girlie food and just talk. Afterwards I received emails or texts from all of them saying it was so nice to get together, etc., which means one thing: we need to come up with a reason for another dinner party ASAP!

Here is the table scheme I ended up going with:

And another look:

The fabric is from Joann's and I didn't even hem it - I just used that iron-on adhesive hem tape to give the edges a finished look. The chargers are from Wal Mart, of all places. They were $3 each, which seemed like a great price and they're something I can continue to use. (And yes, that is my new table underneath, which I will fully reveal tomorrow.)

Now, on to your comments about Kate Middleton's dress. On Thursday I wrote an email to one of my friends coming to the party and said this: I want to go on record as saying I am imagining it to have lace sleeves...maybe something Princess Grace Kelly-ish. Maybe a collar? I'm not really sure. So when she stepped out of the Goring Hotel and we got the first glimpse of her in the car, I almost fell off the couch. Then, when she got to the Abbey, one of the commentators actually compared it to Grace Kelly's dress, and I nearly died. I could not believe how dead-on my prediction was!

And I know Grace Kelly's dress almost better than my own because I have been obsessed with it for quite a long time. In fact, for most of college I had a picture of her in her wedding dress on the desktop of my computer. So really, it almost felt like everything had come full circle: the girl marrying the Prince my peers and I always thought we (one of us, not all of us) would marry wore a dress like the one I have loved for so long.

I loved my wedding dress, but I got married in 2005 before all these awesome wedding blogs came on the scene, so I feel like I didn't have any kind of real vision for the whole celebration other than what I was getting from Martha Stewart Wedding magazines. Not that they aren't a great resource, but there are so many more awesome ideas now that it kind of makes me wistful.

Okay - I can't wait to tell you all about my new table (finally!) tomorrow!



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